Cape Town, South Africa. 2014.

Cape Town, South Africa. 2014.

While traveling South Africa in 2014, I met a badass woman named Talie, who showed me what happens when true talent isn’t given the resources or fortune to grow.

This incredible artisan was selling hand-woven crochet tops and bikinis that required six hours of labor for the equivalent of $7. It wasn’t fair. Where she grew up shouldn't dictate her success. But unfortunately for Talie and so many others that’s too often the reality.

When I returned home to the US, I knew exactly which handmade garments I would be rocking for festival season, but what I hadn’t anticipated was just how many people would ask where I got them.

Much to my dismay, my only answer was “from a female artisan in South Africa.” I would have loved to share her craft and give her the business, but I never got her contact information (something that I deeply regret to this day).

Having studied and worked in fashion, I always wanted to start my own endeavor in the industry, but it wasn't until meeting Talie that I found my muse.  

Rather than concentrating on brands and designers, we should be focusing on the talented women and men who actually create the clothes. So that’s what we do!

Pieces are handmade in our small design center in Bali, Indonesia. Each item comes with a hanging tag signed by the artisan who made it. And you can visit the artist's page on our website to learn more.

Our vision is to find more local talents, like Talie, and give them the recognition and opportunity they deserve.

I’m forever grateful to have been inspired by such an amazing woman. Talie, if you're reading this, thank you and I hope we meet again.